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Support & Refunds

Wilson Novoa, author of this site

We have given a bunch of time and effort into setting up this course, and we hope you can appreciate that.

This technique is something that we’ve been running on an everyday basis as well and we keep having great progress with all our promotions as affiliates. We put together all in this training plus the preproduction and post-production and therefore this is our intellectual property.


If you have any challenges referring to the training, please CONTACT US HERE
If the link above is not working for you, Please, feel free to send an email to

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Our 30-Day Refund Guarantee covers only the FE training and after you took action and implanted this method. Before applying for a refund, please make sure you read all the purchase terms of the product you have invested.

Or You can find out more about your purchase history inside Warrior Plus

If You Implanted Our Method And It Didn’t Work For You, We Will Send You The Refund.

To proceed with your refund application, please complete the form below. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Quick Notice:

*Opening a Dispute in PayPal will only lengthen this process and create more work for both yourself and our team.99% of disputes are won by ourselves, so we wouldn’t recommend going down that road if you’re serious about getting your refund.


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