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Hi guys and welcome to Leaders Road site where I'll give a structure to all the content and posting on my social media profiles.

I’m Wilson Novoa,  an affiliate marketer since 2018.

Before becoming an affiliate marketer, I was a music producer and performer, touring around the world for many years with different international bands.

However, I always wanted to pursue a career that will give me freedom, stability and enable me to make money and enjoy it after my music career.

After trying to establish an e-commerce business, I found it tasking and stressful, but then I came across affiliate marketing, which was not easy, but I found it worth pursuing.

The last couple of years, my passion for business web development and automation is the driving force behind every project I create and every person I help make their life and workflows more efficient and systematic.

My goal here is to help and provide you with as much value as possible so you can achieve just that.

...and, by the way, In my spare time, I enjoy making independent films.

Get in touch with me today or subscribe to my free sources and begin your journey to the digital marketing world!

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